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Justice Mary Yu, May 4, 2014, By Michael Morgan

Really, never tried a case? Re-blogged in memory of Mrs. Morgan.


May 4, 2014 / BY Michael Morgan

Next weekend will be the first Mother’s Day following the death of Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. Morgan was 43 years old at the time of her death and loved our teenage daughter very much and will be in our thoughts.

In 2000 Colleen campaigned very hard for me as I ran against then newly appointed Judge Mary Yu for a seat on the Superior Court. Then Judge Yu had been a lawyer for less than 7 years and had never tried a case in the Superior Court when she was appointed to the bench in 2000. I did not think Judge Yu had the requisite amount of experience to serve on the Superior Court bench which is why I decided to run against her. Judge Yu was appointed this week to fill a vacant seat to our State Supreme Court and all the media accounts I have read have mentioned Judge Yu’s sexual orientation in connection with her appointment–but in 2000 Judge Yu’s sexual orientation, to my knowledge, was never mentioned in press reports relating to her appointment to the Superior Court bench and when I decided to run against her I had no knowledge of her sexual orientation. Judge Yu, however, repeatedly told people I was anti-gay even after my openly gay brother and openly gay friends contradicted these claims. I was angry and Colleen was very upset about Judge Yu’s unfair attacks.

As election day approached in 2000, Judge Yu mailed out a campaign flyer which prominently featured her in what appeared to be a back yard with a young boy of Asian descent. The picture had no caption and the clear implication of the photograph to any reasonable person was that Judge Yu was a single parent–which she was not. This upcoming Mother’s Day is a sad and stark reminder that I am now a single parent–which makes Judge Yu’s misleading campaign flyer in 2000 more offensive to me now than it was in 2000.

The situations I have mentioned did not, in my estimation, influence the outcome of the 2000 election. These situations, however, should have persuaded the Governor to appoint a different person to a seat on our State’s highest court.