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Scoop: Google acquired WIMM Labs to bolster its own smartwatch plans

And the watch wars begin, spawning the accessory to the phone – halo effect?


Watch out, Samsung: Google (s GOOG) has some smartwatch development projects of its own, and it quietly snapped up Los Altos, Calif.-based WIMM Labs last year to kickstart these efforts. WIMM Labs not only gives Google the talent and technology to build a smartwatch, but actually an Android-based app platform tailored for consumers’ wrists.

WIMM Labs was incubated around five years ago by Pillar Ventures, the investment company of former Rambus (S RMBS) President Dave Morring, who subsequently became WIMM’s CEO. The company first developed an Android-based developer platform for wearable displays, and then followed up in late 2011 with its own, developer-centric smartwatch dubbed the WIMM One.

An exclusive, confidential relationship

But about a year ago, WIMM Labs suddenly went dark. The company deleted its Twitter accounts, stopped sales of the WIMM One, and published the following message on its website:

“During the summer of 2012, WIMM…

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