Prediction for a future event: “The Spike”

Real Virtual Currency

Lately the Bitcoin price hasn’t been moving much, at least by Bitcoin standards, and has provided a nice respite from the price parroting that we witnessed in the last big run-up. In it’s place has flourished renewed exploration and discussion regarding the technology itself, how it can be incorporated, implemented, and improved.

But don’t think for a minute that Bitcoin is going to plateau long-term around the $100+ mark. Observing the last two years, we can see that Bitcoin has two basic modes: steady-as-she-goes, and have-you-seen-my-beachball-bonkers. From late 2011 until early 2012, Bitcoin would sit still for months at a single price, occasionally ratcheting up or down depending on the news (i.e. “WordPress now accepts Bitcoin,” or “Bitcoin Savings and Trust is a Ponzi Scheme.”) It can do it! The catch is that Bitcoin only likes to chill out when nobody seems to be looking. From February to April of…

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